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Dear Fellow Nailbiter:

Do you ever really think about what it would feel like to finally stop biting your nails? No more hiding your hands or being embarrassed by the look of them.

Do you think about it?

Are you annoyed and disgusted by the constant urge to bite your fingernails and how hard it is to stop?

Imagine what it would be like if you had well-manicured nails and beautiful hands.  It automatically brings about a certain level of pride and confidence, plus it just makes you feel good.

Take a close look at the nails shown in the picture below.  Do you see confidence, sexiness, and pride, or nervousness and uncertainty?

Most people want to project a positive image whenever possible and your nails can help you to do that.  Isn’t that what you want as well?

If you are serious about getting the help you need to finally stop biting your nails, take a few minutes to read this page and find out how you can discover the keys to stop biting your nails.

You need to know that you are not alone and millions of people around the world are looking for ways to end their habit of nail biting.

More importantly, it’s not impossible to stop.  You don’t always need dangerous drugs or a high priced doctor to make it happen.  Sometimes, you just need to hear real advice from someone who has been where you are.

Why Should You Download the

Ultimate Stop Biting Nails Book?

The primary reason that you should read this book is because it is based on a real life story and real, down to earth advice .  You get perspective and guidance from someone who understands the uncontrollable urge to chew on your nails and always having your fingers in your mouth.

Most people don’t understand why you bite your nails.  This is especially true if you are a grown person.  Younger people are often given a pass for such behaviors but few people can really comprehend what makes an adult chew on their nails.

Ultimately, this just adds to your frustration because you don’t need to hear the badgering from friends and loved ones.

You already know it’s a bad habit so comments from your boyfriend or girlfriend normally just annoys you. Have you experienced feelings like this in the past?

The information inside the Stop Biting Nails book will make sense to you because it’s coming from someone who knows your struggle to stop biting your fingernails.

It’s a constant battle and one that most people can’t seem to figure out on their own. You are just like me in that you seriously want to stop biting your nails but you just haven’t been able to do it on a long term basis.

Yes, you might stop for a few days, or even a few weeks, but before you know it your fingers are back in your mouth again and your nails are looking horrendous.

Why the Strategies Work and Are Easier to Use…

Practical and Easy: One of the fastest ways to fail at anything is to try and implement an action that is hard to do and takes a long time.  This will normally lead to you quitting before seeing any real results.

Won’t Cost a Fortune: Another fast and easy way to fail is to use methods that simply costs too much money. It’s not cheap to get fake nails on a regular basis. So, you need methods and steps that are proven effective but zero to low cost to implement.

Quick Results: You want help now not six months from now. You will get steps that you can put into practice right away to start you on the path to no more nail biting.

Avoid Harsh Drugs: Yes, some people take drugs to stop biting their nails but most nail biters only want that as a last resort. The reasons are obvious and you may feel the same.

Real Life Experience: The steps shared are based on real life experience from someone who knows the struggle and difficulty in trying to stop biting your nails.

Download Ultimate Stop Biting Nails Book Now…

Reader Comment…

“It does not matter how old or young you are, biting your nails is a tough habit to break. I know, because I bit my nails for almost 50 years. Folks, I had no idea…not a clue, that I had Onychophagia.

I did not know how nasty and disgusting it was to bite your nails. I was very lucky that my nails and fingers did not get crippled, deformed or that I did not become violently ill, from biting my finger nails. But, it might explain the reason why I was always getting strep throat.

I have nails now. They are still paper thin and very brittle but I have quit biting them. So, there is help for you. They will grow stronger and now have a chance to grow naturally.

If you truly want to stop this disgusting habit, of biting your finger nails, you need to make the decision to get this book. When I read what was in this book and what I was putting in my system by biting my finger nails…I swear, I almost threw up.

However, the information in this book can help you. No matter what my family or friends said to shame me, I could not stop this compulsive disgusting behavior. Read this informative book that will put it all right out on the table.

Despite the routine of putting my hands up to my mouth from the sheer habit of doing that for so many years…I have not bitten my nails since I learned what it takes to really stop.

If you or someone that you care about is serious about stopping their nail biting habit, I feel the information inside the “Ultimate Stop Biting Nails Book” will help you or your loved one to FINALLY STOP biting their nails.

It’s a very small investment to finally stop a life time of damaging your nails, cuticles and self image. I only wish that this book had been out years and years ago. DO NOT wait as long as I did (almost 50 years) to stop biting your nails. Get this book now and you will no longer have to hide your hands and your habit of biting your nails. -Sharon, Hollywood Florida, USA”

Download Ultimate Stop Biting Nails Book Now…

I know what it’s like to get frustrated after trying tip after tip to get decent looking fingernails. For years I would run to the nail shop weekly and spend a small fortune to have fake nails put on but the only thing that brought me was nail damage and more frustration.

Most nails shops are not going to tell you that your nails are being destroyed by the glue, lack of air, and constant stress of being under a piece of acrylic.

How I Finally Stopped…

I had been biting my nails for a long, long time. I don’t even think the number of years is all that important.

In fact, it’s not uncommon for people to bite and destroy their nails for 50 years or longer!  Can you imagine biting off your nails for more than 50 years?

What is important is the realization that I was a grown woman, a professional, and I needed to figure out a way to grow my nails like most people.  I simply wanted to stop and stop bad.

At some point, you get tired of seeing the poor condition of your nails and the embarrassment that they can cause. You also get annoyed and tired of trying things that don’t address the real issues or give you the steps needed to stop.

Ultimately, I found myself returning to my nasty habit over and over again. I’m sure you probably know how I feel and I’m confident I know how you feel.

One of the things that I talk about inside the Ultimate Stop Biting Nails Book is that short term gimmicks are really just that. In other words, you really have to get to the root of why you bite your nails and take the needed steps to stop.

For some people, it takes a long time to acknowledge that they have a real problem. That is one of the first things you need to do. Be honest with yourself and admit that you have a nail biting problem and that you truly want to find a way to stop.

I feel that I can help you.

You already know that you don’t like your habit, but you may not have fully admitted that it’s a true problem and not something that you should constantly ignore. Until you do that, it’s far more difficult to stop.

Sometimes, we have to be pushed against the wall to finally realize that a problem is real. Let’s say your boyfriend or girlfriend decided to break up with you because you keep eating your nails all day and they just can’t take it!

This is the kind of thing that would give you a reality check and force you to take action. Which brings me to the next thing that really helped me long before figuring out which steps to take.

Making a decision to take action…

At some point, I told myself that “this is it.” I have to find help and a way to stop biting my nails. Once you have made that decision, it’s far easier to apply the steps I share and stop biting your nails.  Other people can’t make you do it.  You have to do it for yourself.

That decision was ultimately the beginning of the end.  It started the search inside of why I bite my nails and what can be done to cease the behavior.

I tried a few tricks and some of them worked and some of them didn’t.  I’m going to share that information with you so that you can stop biting your nails faster and get on to more important things in life.

In many situations in life, sometimes a little tidbit of insider knowledge can help you to get past whatever is holding you back.

Download Ultimate Stop Biting Nails Book Now…

Why You Should Really Think About Quitting and How the Stop Biting Nails Book Can Help

One of the biggest obstacles that you and others have in the quest to stop biting their nails is the basic mentality that it’s probably no big deal. It’s not going to kill you right?

Wrong! Biting your nails is a big deal and in more than one way.

First of all, hopefully you won’t be offended by acknowledging that it’s a disgusting habit.  Maybe it’s not up there with a few other habits but it’s not good, not sexy, and not healthy.

You would probably agree with that right?

You might as well go down to your local Burger King or McDonald’s and lick the door handles all day. Yes, that’s gross and so is the stuff you ingest every minute while chomping on your fingernails.

Believe it or not, one remedy that I read online was to “dip your fingers in chicken crap.” Yes, someone actually stated that one of his grandparents used to say that.

In reality, that’s probably better than what you are currently digesting from your nails. Don’t fool yourself, the bacteria and germs you are swallowing are not what you want inside your body every day.

Inside the Stop Biting Nails Book you will see the real life story about innocent babies that died in a hospital and the culprit was believed to be dirty fingernails.  That’s kind of scary.

Once you read over the Stop Biting Nails Book, you will have real life tips and a simple plan to finally kick this dirty habit.

Yes, it has been a struggle but you can do it.

What You Will Discover Inside:

  • Deadly scientific reasons why you will want to stop biting your nails.

  • Documented nail biting health risks and why you should avoid them.

  • The image of chronic nail biters and how this can impact your life.
  • Understanding Psychological Triggers that make you bite your nails.

  • Information on the misunderstood ailment known as Onychophagia.
  • Famous celebrities who suffer from nail biting.
  • Proven nail care secrets to help you fight the urge to nibble your nails.
  • Easy-to-Use 30 day action tips to stop biting your nails.
  • and much more…

Download Ultimate Stop Biting Nails Book Now…

Reader Comment…

“I personally know how hard it is to stop biting your nails. I have been biting mine ever since I can remember. I never felt comfortable with people looking at my hands and nails so I resorted to fake fingernails.

Unfortunately, those were even worse as they caused my real nail underneath to be very unhealthy and weak. Finally, I got fed up and started using the techniques described in the Stop Biting Nails ebook.

I learned step by step what I needed to do to stop chewing my nails and the book gave me the encouragement I needed to stick with the plan. Now I have healthy, strong nails I can do myself without having to spend a lot of money at the nail shop.” – name withheld by request

The Stop Biting Nails Book is not filled with a bunch of fluff or made up techniques. Instead, it’s a common sense approach that covers some key factors that you need to know in order to stop biting your nails permanently.

Yes, I’m Ready…

Show Me How to Stop Biting My Nails

Here are just a few of the major benefits…

  • Having healthy nails is a sign of personal pride and self-esteem.
  • Shows that you take care of yourself and care about your overall appearance.
  • Good nails generally imply good health.
  • Nice nails are attractive to the opposite sex whether you are male or female.
  • Projected good health is one of the top ways to attract a mate.
  • Helps you to make a strong first impression.
  • May improve other facets of your life like getting jobs and relationships.

  • Great nails can simply make you feel good.

The Stop Biting Nails Book comes with a full 60 day money back guarantee. If you are not happy with the information and help it provides, simply request a refund.

Get your copy today and you will be loving your new nails in weeks. Your friends will take notice and you will start to feel good about yourself and your new ability to take control of unwanted habits.

Here’s how to get your copy instantly…

The Ultimate Stop Biting Nails Book is an immediate online delivery. That means that you will have access to the information just a few minutes after you place your order. The process is safe and easy, and handled securely by one of the web’s largest digital delivery services (Clickbank ™).

Simply click the order button below and complete the short form on the next page. You will be taken to a secure order page to complete your download. If you have any problems, just send a quick email explaining the issue.

The Ultimate Stop Biting Nails Book is a very small investment for your overall health, peace of mind, and immediate boost in your personal confidence.

It’s not a huge decision.  You already know you want to stop and your health and happiness is always worth a few dollars.

Take Action Before Your Nails Get Worse and Are Beyond Repair!

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(Immediate Download-No Physical Delivery Required)

P.S./ Don’t forget that you are ordering with no risk. If you are not happy with the powerful tips provided, simply request a refund. You have 60 days to absorb the info and test it out.

If you are serious about getting some help to stop biting your nails, order the “Stop Biting Nails Book” today and give it a fair shot. The key to success is to follow the steps and to  BELIEVE that it can be done.

Remember, you have a full 2 month guarantee so feel confident with your order. I’m equally confident that you will benefit from this information so grab your copy today.

Thanks for taking some time to read my story and check out The Ultimate Stop Biting Nails Book. I hope that you make the smart decision to take action and  stop biting your nails.  You will be happy that you did.  I look forward to helping you soon.

Best of Luck!

Rae Coleman

Download Ultimate Stop Biting Nails Book Now…

Good News



Stop Biting Nails

Onychophagia or biting nails is a fairly serious habit that is suffered by both adults and children around the world.  The act of biting nails can be attributed to many different factors such as oral fixations, nervousness, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder and several others. 

Although biting your nails does not normally create immediate health risks, it can develop into some serious health and personal problems over time.  Not only can biting one's nails result in permanent damage to the nail and skin around the nails, it can also lead to some significant problems outside of the physical appearance of your nails. 

Treatment to stop biting nails varies greatly and can include habit reversal training, medications, counseling and other methods that may be recommended by a doctor.  The information shared in the stop biting nails book is not meant to be a substitute for professional help.  It is presented solely as real life experiences and tips learned from real sufferers of nail biting.  No claims are made otherwise and  the information in the stop biting nails book should be used at your own discretion.